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Alice Cooper -- Buffalo, NY -- August 26th, 2011

Vincent Price intro
The Black Widow
Brutal Planet
I'm Eighteen
Billion Dollar Babies
Under My Wheels
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Hey Stoopid
Is It My Body
Halo of Flies
I'll Bite Your Face Off
Muscle Of Love
Only Women Bleed
Cold Ethyl
Feed My Frankenstein
Clones (We're All)
Wicked Young Man
Killer/I Love the Dead
School's Out


This was my fourth time seeing Cooper and without a doubt the best performance and setlist i've seen from him. Everything about this show was just perfect. This is easily one of my top concerts ever. Excellent venue for the show to.

I've never been down to the Erie Canal Harbor for one of these summer shows before because they've never had anyone i've wanted to see until now. Great turnout, if I were to estimate there had to be at least 10,000 or so there. Even with tickets only being 10 bucks I was still surprised how many people were there. This venue is general admission. I got there as the first band was playing but I got as close as could to the front. I ended up being almost dead center about 25 feet from the stage.

Highlights of the show were, Black Widow, Brutal Planet, Hey Stoopid, Halo Of Flies, Clones and Wicked Young Man. With the exception of Clones, which hardly anybody knew, it was good to hear a lot of people singing along with the songs that weren't hits. As to why the hell Hey Stoopid has been out of the set for almost 20 years is a mystery to me The song is great live and the sing along during the chorus was awesome. Alice should think about keeping that in the set for awhile.

Now that i've heard the studio version and the new song live it's actually a pretty good song. Maybe there is some hope for the new album even though the song clips i've heard didn't sound that promising.

During Feed My Frankenstein there was a huge Frankenstein that came out on stage. The face was a mix of the Frankenstein and Alice's. It reminded me of when Eddie comes out during a Maiden show. Only I think the Frankenstein was bigger than Eddie Usually Alice does a shorter version of Only Women Bleed but he's doing the full version of it which was great to hear. He got the guillotine at the end of Wicked Young Man which was the only time he gets killed during this show.

A local band named Klear opened the show and I didn't care either way about them and it was funny to see them try to get people to sing along when hardly anybody there knew there stuff. Anvil was the main support and with the exception of the drummer, who I think was pretty good, the less I say about how generic their stuff is the better.

If Alice is coming to your area and you're not sure about going, please do. This is a show that you don't wanna miss.

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