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KMFDM -- Boise, ID -- August 25th, 2011

Venue: Knitting Factory
Source: Me

Come On Go Off
Bait & Switch
Potz Blitz
Looking For Strange
Take It Like a Man
Rebels in Control
A Drug Against War
Hau Ruck
Day of Light

There was supposed to be two opening groups who I didn't care about so I figured showing up one hour after the offical show start time would be good. I showed up about 5 minutes before KMFDM started, I guess one of the opening groups must not have been there. Thank God Boise is small enough that I was able to park about 3 minutes walking time from the venue and for free. The show started with a couple of new songs of which Amnesia is the best I think. Sascha doesn't move a lot but still gets the job done singing and playing and the entire band sounded great. Lucia is the star of the show as she moves around much more and provides great stage presence, prowling the stage on the songs where she sings.
I wasn't sure how this concert would go as KMFDM is sometimes too techno for me but I would rank this concert up with Ministry at their peak as all the songs sounded much better with a full band. There was no breaks for crowd interaction or "How you doing Boise?" as the band went straight from one song to the next which was fine with me since this show absolutely rocked. I am surprised my neck is OK after headbanging to the thunderous riffs of Hau Ruck for the first finale. My only slight complant with the show is I think they milked the applause a little too much before coming back for the encore but that is a small complaint for such a great show.
KMFDM deserves credit for a couple of things here, first was they are selling the download of whatever show you attend for a reasonable $10. I bought a code at the merch stand to buy this show, also shirts were $20. Second was they all came out after the show to talk with fans, sign whatever you wanted, etc. and seemed like nice people. Sascha signed my CD booklet and even my shirt without being asked. I got some good pictures although my wife seemed to have "accidentally" jittered what would have been a great pic of me and Lucia. This tour is almost over but if you ever have the chance to see KMFDM, you should go! I will even travel if I have to to see the next one.
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