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Originally Posted by Butcher of Birth View Post
Wolves are a much better side this year, and since promotion have proved themselves to be strong. I won't peg them for top ten just yet, but they will be in the fight for it.
Indeed. It's about time Wolves went back to playing the way they played when they first came up.

McCarthy can deny it all he wants, and he will, but it was plain for all to see. The season they came up they played good football and found themselves getting out-muscled by the big teams and ended up fighting against relegation.

McCarthy saw how teams like Bolton and Stoke had become stable in the Premier League by playing "tough" and decided to make his team play like that so they stood a better chance of survival. Only his players sucked at playing tough and just ended up being dirty.

They got so much grief for playing that way last year that he's got them back to playing properly. Which is why, lo and behold, Kevin Doyle, their best striker who kept getting left out last season because he wasn't tough enough and didn't play that way, is now starting every week again.

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