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Blackguard -- Frederick, MD -- August 24th, 2011

BLACKGUARD played at KRUG'S PLACE in FREDERICK, MD last night. Their one guitar player apparently has some illness going on so he had to sit out this leg of the tour (replaced by one of the dudes from DESTROPHY).

Openers that we also saw part of were SIXTEEN CYLINDER (didn't catch any of the song names, girl growler and singer. They were OK.), FALLEN MARTYR (they were kind of all over the place musically, did not like them. At least one song was from their myspace.). I think they both were locals. Blackguard had a pretty big merch booth. Got a CD that I didn't have of theirs, chatted with the other guitar player for a bit, he seemed pretty cool.

Crowd was about 50 people at most at the busiest part (I think a bunch of locals were there as it was something to do because only about 15-20 people were left when Blackguard came on after midnight). Still, even some people didn't seem into it. I didn't understand. Whatever the case that is probably the closest show I've been to since LA GUNS / BULLETBOYS up in Gaithersburg

They played a rather short set list for headling But they sounded great for the most part. The singer (Paul) was very intense as always. After the show he seemed in a pretty good mood (the others time he seemed a bit... like I did not want to bother him).

It was the first time I've been to KRUG'S PLACE so I was not sure what to expect. It was a small place with surprisingly good sound. Pretty clear, loud enough to be enjoyable but not so loud that my ears were ringing. I didn't use earplugs when I was expecting to. As small as the place was, some pits broke out while the locals were there and a couple rather small ones broke out during BLACKGUARD, albeit maybe a little hesitantly.
Broke my neck during Wastelands. I imagine they will have about the same set on Saturday @ JAXX when they play with KAMELOT

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