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I agree 100% with this review. If I were to review this album it probably would have been word for word. I felt like Three Days Grace or Theory of a Deadman came in for a week and wrote 8 or 9 songs for them. I think Drowning in Slow Motion is by far the best track, too bad it's a bonus track and a lot of people won't ever hear it. I think it's the closest thing to Shogun on this album. Other songs I like are:

-Capsizing the Sea: I like it a lot as an intro and concert opener, but I don't care for In Waves (the song) too much.
-Inception of the End and Dusk Dismantled are great heavy Trivium songs. I do agree that the chorus for Inception should have been changed.
-Black, even though it has a radio vibe to it, the chorus riff is heavy.
-Chaos Reigns is fast as hell and has some Iced Earth type stutter riffs that are sick.

Overall I think the best three songs are all bonus songs: Drowning in Slow Motion, Shattering the Skies Above, and the Sepultura cover Slave New World. I hope their next album is more like Shogun, one of my favorite metal albums of all time.
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