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Originally Posted by PowerMaiden View Post
19-aout-92 Forum De Montréal Def Leppard

I remember it was an In The round show and they play a few songs accoustic (like Bringing On A Heartbreak wtf ??) and they did not a lot of stuff on Pyromania. Anyway I shouldn't have gone cause after Pyromania I started to dislike them. I went for my g/f of the time. Bad show

Cheers !
That was the first time I saw them on that tour. I thought that was a really good show. I did get two of their best songs with Gods Of War and White Lightning which is more variety than now. I don't like the half acoustic, half electric version of Heartbreak either. I've seen them do it both ways and the original version is way better. They're doing the acoustic/electric version this tour. I don't mind an acoustic song if that was the original way the song was meant to be. But if the song was electric to start, keep that fucker plugged in and rock.

Originally Posted by NickLed19 View Post
I buy tickets ahead of time, and I have never said that I was mad at myself for going. I always end up having a good time, just because they have always been one of my favorites. It was just be nice if they could get away from playing 90 min of only hits. Hell even like 3-4 years ago they were playing around 2 hours and mixing it up.
I never said you should be mad at yourself for going and I don't believe I implied that in any way. Weather it's one of your favorite bands or not there's nothing wrong until waiting to see the set first before you decide to go or not. Lep still draws a good crowd but it's not like if you wait they're gonna sell out right away like they did in the late 80s and early 90s. Especially when the bulk of the reserved seats are over 100 bucks each after the service charges.
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