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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
If you're tired of it then don't go. There's no sense wasting your money if you don't like the set. Plus, it's not like there aren't sites like this and a few others that let you know the set ahead of time. You can also take a break from seeing them for a few tours maybe that'll freshen it up for you.

Their lack of changing the sets now is strange to me because when I saw them through the 90s they were always switching stuff up each tour. I know Joe's voice might not be able to handle the the way he used to sing on HND and Pyro as much now but still throwing in something other than the single's off those two would be cool. But you take what you can get at this point I suppose.
I buy tickets ahead of time, and I have never said that I was mad at myself for going. I always end up having a good time, just because they have always been one of my favorites. It was just be nice if they could get away from playing 90 min of only hits. Hell even like 3-4 years ago they were playing around 2 hours and mixing it up.
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