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So we got to the venue at about 6:45 after being stuck in traffic getting there for 45 minutes. (anyone thats ever gone to a show there knows how bad traffic is).

We had lawn seats and first band started at 7 so we found a nice spot on the lawn and waited. Manchestor Orchestra came on and it was insanely hard to see. It was still light out so the video screens were useless and the stage didn't do lights for them so the entire time was spent just listening. They did sound good though but its hard to rate them when you can't see them.

After them we upgraded our seats to seats in the 200 section on the left corner of the stage. Perfect view too. So soon after that My Chemical Romance came on. Now I seen them in April at a sold out show of 5,000 at the Aragon Ballroom. They were good live then but you can tell he really isn't a amazing vocalist. Now this show was a shorter setlist for them but they were alot better this time. More energy and he sounded alot better. Sure he had tons of pitch correctors on as my cousin was telling me but it was overall a much better show than last time when I saw them. I knew all their songs and sang alone to them. (their a band I've been listening to since the 5th grade. (I'm now 18)) lol. Though the lead singer kept calling out for a huge mosh pit during Destorya which isn't moshable at all. I don't think any of their songs have pits during them. You could tell the crowd did love them though.

Now onto BLINK 182! (May Contain Show Spoliers!!!)

Man were they better than I thought they would be. They sound great live and still play around alot. They speed alot of their songs up and it seemed for a few songs they would slow parts down just to throw everyone off. Also inbetween every song they still did the sex jokes and it was funny for the most part. There seemed to be alot of the crowd surfers in the pit though and the band kept thanking the crowd surfers and asking if they were fine. The stage setup was cool with a giant screen that constantly had different images on it. Also the crowd was insane for this band. Everyone even in the seats was jumping and screaming along. They said there was a little over 30,000 people there for it.

Onto the cool and weird stuff. After Man Overboard Tom was telling the crowd how he had way to much vodka to drink before the show and was about to piss himself and he ran offstage to piss which left Mark and Travis to do jazz. I believe he had some drinks before the show and from other setlists this hasn't happened before but it was cool yet odd. It seemed like Travis was drumming faster which left Mark staring at him. Also during their last song someone made it onstage and was able to run across the entire stage before security tackled him. SPOILER!!! Travis's drum solo was insanely cool. They had him like 30 feet above the crowd pointing down at 90 degrees playing some random stuff then one of the songs off his rap album (which sucked!). It was quite cool to see.

Overall it was a fun show and alot better than expected. If you have the chance to go see this you should. I think most people would enjoy it.

Also I took some videos from the show (actually 20 videos) and their on my youtube page. Sound and quality isn't amazing like my other ones but we were in a amplitheater and quite far away so its too be expected.

Also after the show from the venue to the highway is a few miles. It took us 1 hour and 15 minutes to go a few miles. IT SUCKED!

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