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Fucking awesome news for anyone going to this tour (from a Metalsucks interview with Elliot, the new vocalist for Tesseract):

"It is going to be our biggest tour that weíve ever done. Itís mostly House of Blues venues and Live Nation venues. Itís going to be pretty incredible. Each band has got a really long time as well. I think our [Tesseract's] set is about 40 minutes, Animals as Leaders is about an hour, and Between the Buried and Me is over an hour. Itís just going to be fun being on a tour thatís only three bands. I donít know if youíve noticed, but most tours these days do 4, 5, 6 bands. To me, I just get disappointed with that because I end up seeing half of what I wanted to see of the bands that Iím interested in seeing."

An hour long AAL set?! 40 minutes of Tesseract?!! Damn, that's awesome for opening bands! AAL might as well be playing a headlining set (aka, all their music).

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