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MetallicBrian666's token "look at me, I can make lists too" Top 15 Grind Albums

My favorite genre is grind. I was bored, so I made a list. I will post said list here as I finish individual reviews, no set schedule or anything. It's entirely my personal favorites, so there may be a few "must haves" that aren't included. Sorry if I'm breaking the golden rules of music listening with that....anywho

If I don't fuck this up worse than Seth's "not dying" plan, hopefully one or more people will either A. find a new band they dig, B. check out that album they've been meaning to, or C. use it as the excuse to finally look into that crazy grindcore that everyone's buzzing about. If not, at least I found an outlet for my boredom. First installment will probably come today. Fuck you.
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