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Testament - The New Order

Classic Testament album right here. The New Order is a mix of incredible thrash riffs and mesmerizing guitar fills/intros to make one great album.

Examples of these awesome thrash riffs are in songs like The New Order and the thrash classic, Into the Pit. Examples of songs with these eerie and mesmerizing clean guitar parts are Eerie Inhabitants, Disciples of the Watch, Musical Death (A Dirge) and the interlude, Hypnosis. With the exception of the latter 2 mentioned, these songs with the clean guitar parts usually have the rest of the song distorted.

Like with a lot of thrash albums, the guitars and vocals stand out the most here. I personally love the riffs on this album along with Chuck Billy's vocals, his voice just fits this album (and genre of music) perfectly.

This album is regarded as a thrash classic, by me and the majority of metal fans, and if you haven't heard it by now I encourage you to listen to it.

Into the Pit - At least take a listen to this song for one of the best songs in thrash metal.
Disciples of the Watch
The New Order
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