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Well with Juan Mata and STILL Modric, Chelsea's midfield for the next 5 years is looking strong. Having watching Mata in the U-21 Eurocup I am more than excited in his signing! He was a key man in assisting and scoring, and lord knows that's what we need for the elephant in the room that is Torres.

Concerning Modric, I am wary. Whilst he is superb on the ball and key to the Spurs (3-0 at Man Utd? come now.., ), he is more prone to injury than a rough school boy. With age being the talking points of pundits these days at Chelsea, I can't see Modric doing much good if Lamps, Essien, Terry, Drogs, get injuried...

My, realistic, top 5.

1. Chelsea
2. Manchester United
3. Manchester City
4. Liverpool
5. Arsenal

Man City will be hard to beat for the mid table and under teams, but against the experience and quality of Chelsea and United, they will break. And I rank United second due in part to their back-line suffering from such bad injuries, and De Gea not yet showing his ability to keep balls out comfortably.

When De Gea faces the likes of Drogba, Van Persie, Malouda, Carroll, Saruez, and others in the top tier, he will buckle.
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