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Artillery - By Inheritance

This is an interesting, yet awesome album. Artillery is a well known thrash band to fans of thrash, yet was pretty underrated at the time. I personally think they reached their peak with this album.

The guitars stand out the most on here. The riffs are very technical but consistent throughout the album. I like to call them "exquisite," for whatever reason. The solos keep up the technicality, being very fast and complicated yet enjoyable to listen to. The vocals are a bit more high pitched than some thrash, but they do fit the album very well.

Everything flows together very well on here. The entire album filled with technical, yet catchy songs and can easily be called one of thrash metal's top albums. If you love thrash metal or just music altogether with a lot of creative technicality, I guarantee that you will enjoy this album.

Also, the Nazareth cover of Razamanaz is AWESOME!

Beneath the Clay (R.I.P.)
By Inheritance
Don't Believe
Full length release "Sentient" now available!
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