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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Yeah, Stoke are a difficult team to beat, but a team looking to win trophies should be beating them. They're not technically a very good side, they're just big and strong. Not playing the strikers you have who can match them for physicality and height was the mistake there. Kalou and Torres aren't going to get anything out of that defence.

I'm less optimistic about the results across the board. That was a weekend of pretty shitty results for everyone except Wolves and Bolton.

Chelsea, Arsenal, Fulham, Wigan and Liverpool should all be winning those games. And Man U should be winning at West Brom more comfortably than scraping a one-goal win with an own goal.
I don't disagree, but Torres is going to be the first-choice striker whether anyone likes it or not. Roman has too much money invested in him for Nando to sit on the bench. Our midfield has been a problem since last season and we barely scraped by yesterday. Things are looking up, though. We picked up Juan Mata today and Sturridge will be back after saturday, so there's a huge boost at winger. Modric still might be coming. He's out of the ManU match tomorrow, so speculation is rampant. Kalou has been awful this season and looks like he'll be the odd man out.

The whole league is down. The lower teams are better at defending and scoring on the counter-attack. Even last season, ManU only won the league with 80 points. There's not as many gimme wins as in past seasons. Man City's better, Liverpool is much improved. ManU looks as powerful as always and I hope the new additions and youngsters breathe some new life into Chelsea. It's going to be a battle all season long. No more running away with the title.

Should be a fun ride.
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