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Sunset Strip Music Festival -- West Hollywood, CA -- August 20th, 2011


01. Public Enemy No 1
02. Prophets Of Rage
03. Can't Truss It
04. 911 Is A Joke
05. Welcome To The Terrordome (10 mins long, band intros, Flav on bass)
06. Show 'Em Whatcha Got
07. Bring The Noise (with Scott Ian)
08. Don't Believe The Hype
09. Cold Lampin' With Flavor
10. Harder Than You Think
11. Night Of The Living Baseheads
12. Bring The Noise (reprise - acapella)
13. Black Is Back
-DJ Lord- (solo spot with Smells Like Teen Spirit & 7 Nation Army)
14. Timebomb (Flavor Flav on drums)
15. Shut 'Em Down
16. By The Time I Get To Arizona
17. Fight The Power


01. Wild Side
02. Saints Of Los Angeles
03. Live Wire
04. Shout At The Devil '97
05. Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)
06. Home Sweet Home
07. Primal Scream
-Tommy Lee solo- (Deadmau5 riding shotgun)
-Mick Mars solo-
08. Dr Feelgood
09. Girls Girls Girls
10. Smokin' In The Boys Room
11. Kickstart My Heart

more later, just woke up and getting ready to head out to the Truckit Gourmet Food Festival and to get my sunburn sunburned
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