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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
Well said, my friend. Well said.

Good review! I still think it kind of sucks that you felt All Shall Perish was lackluster live. Maybe they're just better for those small club shows? Everyone was stagediving and crowdsurfing in Peabody's when I saw 'em, and Ben Orum jumped out into the crowd while soloing. Pretty epic.
Thank you! My next review is of Summer Slaughter
Yeah I hope that's the case, but I can't really tell till I see them in a club, which is hopefully soon!

Originally Posted by mastodon421 View Post
They definitely are. I've seen them 3 times and Mayhem Fest was easily their weakest performance of the 3.
That's good to hear, I can't wait to see them in a club full of real fans
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