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Originally Posted by masterguy49 View Post
Like dude this shit was so trippy, Disturbed was like OH AH AH AH and I was like whoa man, why you gotta be yelling like a monkey and shit... your not a monkey... your a metal vocalist. But then I realized they had a song about being an animal so I just assumed like the singer's parents were Apes or he was raised by apes. Like that movie Tarzan, that movie was good and shit.... what was I talking about? Oh yeah Disturbed, they had like good vocals and a cool video background so it was chilll.... yeaahhhh...
Well said, my friend. Well said.

Good review! I still think it kind of sucks that you felt All Shall Perish was lackluster live. Maybe they're just better for those small club shows? Everyone was stagediving and crowdsurfing in Peabody's when I saw 'em, and Ben Orum jumped out into the crowd while soloing. Pretty epic.
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