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Anthrax - Spreading the Disease

I've never been too big into Anthrax, but this album sticks out and has earned a spot here. I just love everything about this album. It's not my ideal thrash album to be honest but it's still one hell of an album!

The guitar work on this is awesome. The riffs and solos stand out and make me want to play them on guitar all the time. But the thing I love about this album the most, which usually isn't the case for a lot of albums, is the vocals. Joey Belladonna is an amazing vocalist and fits in perfect with the album. His highs and regular singing voice are spectacular and really make this album.

All around, Spreading the Disease is an awesome album! It's incredibly catchy and upbeat throughout the entire time and has many moments where you'll be going

Not to mention that Madhouse brings back great memories of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City!

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