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The always on time and non-procrastinating Masterguy checks back a week later for his review of Mayhem Fest 2011

Well let me start off the review by saying that Mayhem Festival will always be close to my heart. In 2008 it was my very first metal concert ever and it was a dream come true. It was the same year I got into metal through Disturbed and Slipknot(Who were also my favorite bands at the time) and like 2 months later I find out they are BOTH headlining a festival together, it was like a sign that this was meant to be. Thankfully, two of my best friends got into metal through the same bands at the same time(Unfortunately one now listens to Korean/Japanese Pop and the other to electronic music with the occasional metal ) and we all decided to buy seats and go to it 3 years ago. While I'm not here to review that show, I'm just showing that Mayhem Festival means a lot to me and I will be attending every year no matter how bad or expensive it is

Now to the initial review, my review style goes from band to band and short things that happened in between that made the experience better/worse.

So we got to the door around 1:00 and the doors were to open at 1:30 so we had to wait in the line to get in for about 30 minutes. In those 30 minutes I noticed a lot of people wearing Suicide Silence, Godsmack, and Disturbed shirts, which I had a feeling would be bad considering these guys were obviously here for the worst bands of the tour. Regardless I entered and walked over to the where the side stages were. While me and my group walked around and looked at shit and then a local band(Must. Not. Kill.) came on and well, they were good for a local band, hell they even had some great pits. I was pretty impressed but I don't really dig their music too much. Soon after them I went in the line early for the free Machine Head Signing at the Rockstar booth at 2:30. From there I heard Straight Line Stitch from the line and while they weren't so bad musically, HOLY FUCK DID THE VOCALIST SOUND FUCKING AWFUL. Like honestly those were the worst vocals I have EVER heard in a live setting and I've seen Emmure! Unfortunately Machine Head didn't come at 2:30 as planned so I had to view Red Fang from the tent(thankfully the stage was right in front of the stage they were playing) and well they sounded great live, just like on record, if anything better! Too bad it didn't look like the crowd knew them well or anything. So right about as they stopped playing, Machine Head finally came and I met everyone and even got a picture with Rob!
After that it was about time I ran over to the Revolver Stage for the next band....

All Shall Perish
I love these guys on record and all but something honestly seemed missing from their performance. I think they were one of those bands that just seemed tired from the whole festival and were ready to go home. They just didn't seem that into it and the crowd knew them and all but showed no energy, which was kind of annoying. There was some hardcore dancers and some moshers in the pits which was just annoying cause if you wanted to mosh you had to beware of being hit in the face by the hxc kids. Overall everything did sound tight, but the energy was just lacking. Oh well, hopefully they come back here soon to a better crowd and hopefully not as tired!

After these guys it was back to Jagermiester stage to see...

Kingdom of Sorrow
Wow, these guys proved to me once again, Jamey Jasta is one of the best frontmen in metal! He really gets a crowd moving and while I might not be the biggest fan of their music, they sounded so good live and from what Jamey said this was their last show in a long, long time so they really gave it their all and I was glad to see them!

Now running back to the Revolver stage for this forums favorite band,

Suicide Silence

No but in all seriousness this was my 3rd time seeing these guys and I really didn't have much of a interest. I still enjoy their music but they just didn't do it for me this time, they sounded all heavy and br00tal and stuff, but I guess that shit doesn't do it for me anymore. For some reason I still enjoy their recordings, maybe I just wasn't in the mood for them that day. Looking back on it their performance was better than a 5.5 but still. On the bright side their new songs sound MUCH better live than studio.

Now back to one of the bands I was excited for....

These guys sound so great live and were just great overall. They had the energy, got the crowd moving, and more importantly played their music very well. Unfortunately I left a little early to secure a spot for the band I was there for...

Holy fuck, It seemed like the whole crowd was there for Machine Head because I've never seen a crowd get so crazy. Every time there was a chance everyone would yell MACHINE FUCKING HEAD! MACHINE FUCKING HEAD! Rob loved the crowd, I loved the crowd, everyone loved this crowd. Not to mention the band sounded PERFECT and gave it their all for the last fucking show on the Mayhem Festival. It was my first time seeing them and I had high expectation but they EXCEEDED all the expectations I had for them. I didn't see the pit but I could sure as hell tell, people were loosing their god damn minds. Hell during Aesthetics of Hate when the song kicked in a pit formed right by me next to the rail and it was intense as fuck. There was crowd surfers constant through their set as well. Their set may have been 5 songs and about 35 minutes long but holy shit it was the most perfect 35 minute long set I've experienced. Not to mention the highlight of the day, right before Halo it began POURING rain and I mean the ground was practically flooding but no one gave a shit, hell the crowd started a FUCK THE RAIN chant and we were all loving it. Right then they kicked into Halo which has always been one of my least favorites from The Blackening(which isn't saying much) but after hearing it live I know love it. Also when they began the solo for Halo lightning struck followed by the big BOOM of the thunder making it all the more perfect. It was such a good show and I'm so glad I didn't miss this, cause it was just so fucking perfect the rest of the day just couldn't compare.

Post-Machine Head
They had delayed the main stage till the rain stopped. We were all hiding under whatever we could find and thats when I realized holy fuck my phone and my joints were in my pocket. I took them out and saw my phone wasn't working and my joints were fucked (the next day my phone began working though ) I was pretty upset but the fact that I saw Machine Head like that more made up for it.
So then the rain stopped and the lawn was open for the first main stage act to come on...

I really, really like Trivium and all, but they just aren't main stage material. i was so bored watching them from the lawn on the main stage I left to get a pipe for my weed since my joints got fucked. They sounded great musically and it was a home show so they gave it their all, but it would have been 1000000x better on a side stage. So just because of the main stage, my first Trivium experience was a lack luster one. Can't wait till they come back here in a club headlining though

30 minutes later the next performance came on...

After a full-of-win speech by the guy who runs Mayhem Festival about how Dave is a legend everyone was pumped to see Megadeth! They came on and even though they only played 7 songs or so, they kicked fucking ass! I didn't really like them last time I saw them cause Dave sounded horrible vocally but this time he sounded perfect and he really sounded amazing with an injury! This show gave me a lot of respect for Dave and I hope he comes back sounding like this on a headlining tour

Then it was time for the next two bands. Since none of my group cared for them, we went to the back in a secluded spot and me and one of my other friends took a few hits(weed). We weren't high but we had a good buzz. Suddenly sound and lights turned on and the sound of Sully's voice came on...

Well these guys are really energetic and really sound just like on record...




Seriously I was buzzed and their music STILL sounded all a like. I was really bored no matter how much energy they had, so I just couldn't like them. Sorry all you people saying Godsmack will change me when I see them live, THEY DIDN'T. I only like 1 or 2 songs by them and I enjoyed those songs, but other than that nothing. The only fun thing was that me and my friend started a mosh pit that started with us two and ended with like 10 people

After Godsmack left me and my friend finished all my weed and we were really, really high and more importantly ready for the next band...


*warning this review was written by someone who was under the influence during the performance, therefor you may or may not get the same experience*

Like dude this shit was so trippy, Disturbed was like OH AH AH AH and I was like whoa man, why you gotta be yelling like a monkey and shit... your not a monkey... your a metal vocalist. But then I realized they had a song about being an animal so I just assumed like the singer's parents were Apes or he was raised by apes. Like that movie Tarzan, that movie was good and shit.... what was I talking about? Oh yeah Disturbed, they had like good vocals and a cool video background so it was chilll.... yeaahhhh...

No, but in all seriousness Disturbed got me into metal and they were one of the first metal bands I saw live and they always have a special place in my heart. David sounded very good live, regardless of the fact he has been sounding off a lot recently. Their video in the background was really cool and went with the performance(though sometimes it was distracting). The instrumentals were all spot on and they just sounded great throughout. Considering this could be their last show in America in a long time, they really did give it their all and I may have been high but it seemed like David was thanking the crowd a lot and went on a huge speech about us fans and shit. Overall they were good and fun

Overall Mayhem Festival was a fun day and considering I got in for 20$ it was well worth the price! I can't wait till next year and hopefully the line up is better than this year
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