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All Stars Tour -- Tempe, AZ -- August 18th, 2011

Alright so I'm just gonna copypasta this from the Mayhem Forums (MetalUprising). It's a very half-assed review, lol. I usually go into much more detail. In any case, here ya go.

A brief review of All Stars in Tempe from 8/18...

I fucking stood my spot on the rail for ten hours... my legs are still killing me.

Truth of Fiction - Meh. 6/10

Memphis May Fire - Meh. 6/10

For All Those Sleeping - Clean vocalist sounded like a little school girl. 4/10

Sleeping With Sirens - Meh 6/10

Attila- Interesting. Like a deathcore SOAD. 7/10

Chelsea Grin - Better than last time, but that's still not saying much. 5/10

Motionless In White - Shitty Marilyn Manson wannabe band to the max. 2/10

After the Burial - Best band of the night without a doubt. The only disappointment was that they didn't play Pendulum, but I can easily look past that. Bought a shirt and spoke with Anthony afterwards and penciled in the interview for October. I received word today that it will definitely happen 10/10

The Ghost Inside - Pretty fucking cool. 8.5/10

Born of Osiris - Very fucking cool. Moved around a lot during their set just as I did for ATB. 9/10

In This Moment - Aside from Maria getting super pissed at some people in the crowd, I enjoyed their set. 8/10

Iwrestledabearonce - Weird as shit band. I couldn't follow along to save my life. They played the Trololololololololololo song at the end of their set through the PA though, which gave me slight lulz inside. 7/10

Blessthefall - Fun to see. The crowd was really into them since they're from here. 7/10

Alesana - Meh. Yet again, another clean singer who sounds like a school girl. 4/10

Emmure - Surprisingly not bad at all. I would have been way more into their set if I wasn't tired as hell. I got the setlist from them in the end. They gave us an encore of 4 Poisons, 3 Words.


Emmure setlist

Picks (front):

Picks (back):
6/21 - Weapon/Withered
6/22 - The Cult/Against Me!
6/25 - Six Feet Under/Dying Fetus/Revocation
6/28 - Warped Tour
6/30 - Puscifer
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