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Pentagram -- Cleveland, OH -- August 19th, 2011

Finally, The Bob HAS COME BACK to America. And let it be said that tonight, Cleveland was DOOMED.

Actually, I came into this show not knowing a thing about Jeff The Brotherhood and very little about Valient Thorr, despite seeing the latter on one occasion. The local openers were TV Crimes and Befallen. I enjoyed Jeff The Brotherhood quite a bit and Valient Thorr held my attention (mostly with their fantastic beards, though). But it was a step down from the ungodly opening lineup of The Gates Of Slumber, Midnight, Argus & Keelhaul from January of 2010.

Also, I learned Valient Thorr's legion of fans are known as "Thorriors". I think they're gunning to be the Stoner Rock equivalent to Amon Amarth...

Pentagram's set was as followed, to the best of my memory; some of the tunes might be out of order...

Treat Me Right
Forever My Queen
Review Your Choices
Sign Of The Wolf (Pentagram)
Vampyre Love
Evil Seed
Too Late
All Your Sins
Call The Man
Nothing Left/Relentless (reprise)
When The Screams Come

I was totally hoping for the European tour setlist. The Ghoul was written as one of the encore songs, but it wasn't played.. Regardless, it was fantastic to see a full set from Pentagram.

I will be doing this again next week when the tour comes to Mr. Smalls in ye olde Pensburgh
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