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It's 2007. I've just read an article in Guitar World on this new style of extreme metal called "deathcore". I've just downloaded Whitechapel's The Somatic Defilement, and I've loaded it onto my iPod, hiding in my room to listen to it where my parents can't find me. I hop into a song in the middle of the album...

She cried out helplessly again
I ripped her limb from fucking limb
just one less slut to walk this fucking earth

I will spit right in your fucking face
how does it taste?
After the lips are sealed below your waist
you will never fuck again.

YES. YES. YES. This was what I was waiting for. It was unlike any music I had heard at the time. Metallica was boring me out, I had listened to every riff on Leviathan a thousand times over, Trivium's singing was weak, and Slipknot was never this heavy, brutal, or disgustingly metal in their lyrics. When you say the word "Deathcore", I think of this album. It is the seminal deathcore record, the one they should have a picture of when you look it up in the dictionary. If someone asked me, "what is deathcore?", I would hand them this album. Whether you love it or you hate it, The Somatic Defilement is the purest, most refined, concise example of what deathcore is. Although bands had been playing with the musical themes of deathcore for a while, it wasn't until this album came out that we could point a finger, make a definition, and classify deathcore for what it is (in my opinion). It popularized it unlike any album had in the past.

TSD is very, very much rooted essentially in the "death" part of deathcore. It's pretty much a very, very heavy brutal death metal album that they threw breakdowns into. For me, I absolutely love the breakdowns here. They're the best Whitechapel ever wrote. And most importantly, it is the most copied style of breakdown in the genre. There are way too many Whitechapel clones out there to count, but there is only 1 Whitechapel. The riffs... the riffs... I can't laud them enough. I absolutely love 'em. Even the breakdowns. They’re just good.

What makes this really stand out to me to be amazing rather than just good or solid are the vocals and the lyrics. Phil Bozeman is an absolute beast. He has the best lows in all of deathcore, and some of the best lows out of any metal band. They go over the top, vocally, which Whitechapel doesn't do on later releases. Just listen to the beginning of "The Somatic Defilement" for a good example: after a short build up, the instruments cut out, and we just hear Phil's guttural low scream for a solid 8 seconds. It's fucking brutal in my opinion. There's plenty of other instances where he holds those low screams for 5+ seconds. Hell, at 1:20 of "Devirgination Studies", he holds a low for a whopping 10 seconds. I love it.

And lyrically. Oh god. The lyrics. I fucking love them. The best deathcore lyrics out there, bar none. "Whitechapel" is actually the neighborhood in London where Jack the Ripper's victims were found, and this is pretty much a concept album about Jack the Ripper. Almost every song is about:
  • Killing prostitutes.
  • Eviscerating them, either alive or dead.
  • Fucking them, either alive or dead.
  • Sexually mutilating their corpses/tortured bodies.
  • Masturbating to their corpses/tortured bodies.
  • More torture, death, etc.

And its well written, too. That's something I really didn't like with Whitechapel's later releases: they reverted to the usual, predictable death, demons, hell, destruction, war type lyrics. They had something unique and awesome on this album, and I still love it to this day. I realize only about 10% will respect or like this album, but I can't recommend it enough. It's one of the best and most important deathcore records of all time. I had a tough time deciding between this and #1, so realize it was very, very close. Check it out!

Notable Tracks (with lyrics):
The Somatic Defilement
Vicer Exciser
Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation (aka, death by cum!)
Fairy Fay

Whole album lyrics:
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