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Dave Mustaine - "I will not play 'PEACE SELLS' in its entirety."

Revolver: Dave, last year Megadeth played a bunch of 20th anniversary Rust In Peace shows, Can you see the band doing the same thing for your album, Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?, which turns 25 this year?

Dave Mustaine: No, no, no, no, no, no no. That Rust In Peace tour was horrible. Playing the same record every night, are you fucking kidding me? It was like Groundhog Day. I wouldn't mind doing a Peace Sells medley and doing four or five songs in a row. But playing the entire record is very demanding. It's back-to-back hellishness, and it's exhausting for the audience. To be a good live performer, you need to know how to use dynamics with the audience - they need to breathe like an organism. If you're just beating them senseless , they're not gonna enjoy it. It's just gonna be a loud roar from the beginning to the end.

Sorry everyone who was hoping for this. I think him saying the audience wouldn't like it is half true, the older fans would most likely keel over, but the younger fans, like myself, would be all over it. He might always be skirting the issue to the fans as to not make the band seem too old to be able to handle it.
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