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Sorry for the delay in responding, I didn't check this site the last few days (I know, shame on me.) John Nymann performed Squeeze and did a great job I might add. He mentioned Phil before doing it and after as well, very professional. Once again, the show really delivered the goods. I had forgotten what a good club show was like, recently most bands that are playing small venues last only about an hour and a half on stage, but Y&T rocked the house. And apparently, as Dave sings in Barroom Boogie, "or in to Y&T", girls do love the band because the show was loaded with them. I'm used to going to metal/hard rock shows where there might be one or two girls for every 30 guys, not here, it was more like one girl for every two guys, and good looking ones to boot. If you're single, and Y&T is playing in a town near you, check them out and check out their fans.
About the openers, the two I saw were Chemicals of Democracy and Dagger. Chemicals was better, but both were fine, and each performed better than average original tunes, which can't always be said of club shows.
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