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Voivod - Killing Technology

After seeing these guys open for Kreator last year I was hooked on them for the longest time. I listened to a good portion of their discography and enjoyed it, but this one stood out the most.

Early Voivod was straight up thrash metal from French Canada but over a short period of time they incorporated more progressive metal elements in their music. This album also has a sort of space theme to it, but Voivod have always been about that. The music on this album goes from complicated passages you'd hear in other prog bands to fast thrash parts, sometimes even combined! It's an interesting yet great listen.

Killing Technology is a perfect example of progressive thrash, and I encourage anyone that enjoys progressive metal and thrash (or one or the other) to check it out.

Killing Technology
Ravenous Medicine
Full length release "Sentient" now available!

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