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GarageMetal468's Top Thrash Metal Albums

So after contemplating doing something like this, and being told from people that my reviews, be it for shows, albums, etc., are very good, I figured I may as well do one of these with my favorite genre of metal, Thrash!

A couple things about this:

- I'm keeping it to one album per band, so there won't be two or more albums from the same band on here.

- I'm also including a few thrash bands that have other elements of music in them (i.e. - Black/Thrash, Thrash/Death/Grind, etc.). But the bands I'm going to include are what I find to be primarily thrash. It's kind of hard for me to explain this but you'll see as this moves along.

- These are all thrash albums that I love. Not necessarily life changing or inspirational, but albums that make me appreciate and love the genre.

That's about it. There are 27 albums I have for this so far, a couple more may be added. I have to finalize my list and I will post #27 (or 28, 29, etc.) later today.

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