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Rhino Bucket -- West Springfield, VA -- August 16th, 2011

I went to see RHINO BUCKET at JAXX with my buddy last night. There were about 50 people there. Merch booth actually had a pretty decent selection. Think I should have picked up their latest album. Or the logo/rhino skeleton shirt was pretty cool. Oh well.

I believe 'The Factory' opened for them. I guess they called them like night of, because the JAXX website didn't have anything earlier in the day. An OK warm up, I didn't particularly dig their bluesier rock n roll (w/ saxophone). However they DID remind me it was ELVIS DEATH DAY

The Factory had RONNIE from KIX playing, so that was the best part of their set. I thought their singer emoted GLENN HUGHES, but def did NOT sound like him.

Rhino Bucket came on and played what I thought was a pretty good sounding set. The singer had his rhythm guitar set WAY low, you could only hear him in like a couple songs. His vocals were a big muddy, but overall a very good sound from them last night for people who like bands that sound like AC/DC lol.

Their set order could have used some work, tho, IMO. I like them, but it seems like Jaxx had to have lost money or the bands don't get paid much... at least 10 people were on the guest list, so thats about 40 paying people... not a very big gate...

This was from songs I recognized, songs my buddy knew, and from what I could pick out from the lyrics.

  • Who's got mine?
  • The hardest town
  • Welcome to hell
  • Beat to death like a dog
  • Hey there
  • ? song from new album
  • Smile
  • One night stand
  • She's a screamer
  • Ride with yourself
  • Beg for your love
  • The hard grind
  • ?
  • World gone mad
  • ?
  • Ride the rhino
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