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Here it is, ladies and gentlemen. The album that started it all: 2002's Fused Together. In my opinion, at least. The Red Chord's biggest problem (and only problem, really) is that they're very difficult to classify. This album doesn't tend to sound like contemporary deathcore, but it is deathcore, and an extremely important (and awesome) release that everyone should know about.

What is it? Grindocre? Death metal? Metalcore? Deathcore? Jazz-core? This album is incredibly diverse, and showcases all of those elements. But at the time it came out, it featured groove and breakdowns in a certain way unlike the other contemporary metalcore releases at the time, laying the foundations for what we know today as deathcore. First of all, it's fast and frantic, showcasing heavy death metal influence, moreso than the metalcore bands of the time. Yet it also features many grooved sections (which lead to it being called deathgrind usually). But look closer, and you'll see those heavy, slow breakdowns appearing that have now come to define the genre.

"LOLOLOL, but metalcore had those breakdownz at the time, too!" Yeah, but did metalcore have those blistering fast and frantic death metal riffs? Did metalcore have those guttural lows and shrieking highs? You can't help but to realize this album help lay the early foundations for deathcore, even if it sounds vastly different from the popular 2007 and 2008 deathcore prime.

Look no further than the opening of the best song on this album, "Dreaming in Dog Years", a frantic, crazy, spastic live pile-on anthem of unparalleled awesomeness. After the first few spastic, almost mathcore-like riffs, we have a heavy-as-fuck breakdown that's one of my favorites of all deathcore. From a series of more spastic riffs, it culminates in an epic, anthemic build up, screaming out, "IT'S NOT GONNA BE ALRIIIIIIIIIIIGHT! IT'S NOT GONNA BE OKAAAAAAAAAAAY!", deathcore's first scream-the-lyrics-to-a-breakdown passage. And it's fucking awesome.

Other awesome tracks which also highlight the deathcore aspects of the record include "Nihilist", "Like a Train Through a Pidgeon", and "Jar Full of Bunny Parts", the last of which is probably the most -core song here. If you have any doubts this album is deathcore, listen to that. Some other songs on the album are pure grindcore spasticism, going at 100 miles per hour and never letting up. Some are almost worthy of being in Dillinger Escape Plan's repertoire. But all of them add up to an incredible, and extremely influential record, which still holds up in being one of the best in the genre.

Notable Tracks:
Dreaming in Dog Years
Jar Full of Bunny Parts
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