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Chimaira - The Age Of Hell

Even with all of the changes I'm still a huge Chimaira fan and eagerly awaited this release. I've got to listen to this about 3x beginning to end so I figured I'd give it a shot and do a review. I suppose if I wanted to get more people to read this I would have found someway to incorporate the word deathcore in the title since apparently deathcore = views on this board.

Since both Rob & Matt are still in the band I knew that this would still sound like Chimaira. I liked Andols as their drummer but honestly they've been through as many drummers as Spinal Tap so I knew the drum sound wouldn't be much different either. The only thing that sounds different is the backing vocals going from Chris to Sean. Not saying one is better or worse, just different. Mark is still Mark. If I had to give a compairison I'd say it's most like Resurrection, stronger songs than Impossibility, not as long as S/T & alot faster and upbeat than The Infection. I liked Infection but it was too midpaced and just kind of drug along sometimes. It took alot of listens before I could get into it. That being said... I'll just briefly go song by song:

1. Age Of Hell - Great opening song. First thing I was thinking was how much better of an opener this is than "The Venom Inside" did for The Infection that kind of drug along as far as openers go.
2.Clockwork - Probably one of my least favorite tracks on here. Don't care for the clean chorus. Kind of a weak chorus IMO. I did do a double take in the middle of the song when it slows down and there is some electronic samples and thought I was hearing things but all be damned if there wasn't a saxaphone in all of those samples.
3.Losing My Mind - Another solid track, has a great chorus and a great groove to it that you can't help but move your head to.
4.Time Is Running Out - This is yet another song that I feel has a really strong chorus as well. This is the first song where you can really hear a difference in Sean & Chris in their back up singing and honestly I think Sean's voice really works well in the background in this song. If there was a "radio" song on this album this would probably be it b/c of the strong chorus but still a heavy song.
5.Year Of The Snake - If anyone has heard anything off of this album this would probably be one of them so maybe some already know the song. Mark's voice sounds like it's on steroids in this song. Chorus got a little old on here for my liking but still a great song. Definitely a song that will get the crowd moving.
6.Beyond The Grave - Another song that should be skipped. Another slower song that should have only been a B side off The Infection.
7.Born In Blood - Another highlight on this album for me. I had no idea what the other vocals were until I remembered that Whitchapel guy did vocals on here. Those seconds he was on here was alreadly the longest I'd ever heard Whitechapel, and I'm OK w/ that. My one question is why did the riff from Resurrection get recycled again? go to :45 into the song and someone tell me that's not the riff from Resurrection? Outside of that yet another great song.
8.Stoma - Instrumental filler, totally unnecessary.
9.Powerless - Another song that sounds like something that should have been on The Infection cutting room floor. Song just doesn't ever really go anywhere.
10.Trigger Finger - OK so this one of the first songs released, probably as a single but I can't help but keep going back to it. Badass grove to it, very catchy chorus. Everything I love about Chimaira is in this song. Maybe I'm lame for this being my favorite song on here b/c it's the single off of it but it's just a catchy song.
11.Scapegoat - Still kinda on the fence about this one. I like the riffing, just don't know if I like hearing the chorus saying "I'm not your scapegoat, not your fucking scapegoat" seems like it gets repeated alot to me. Not sure if I like this song yet or not.
12.Samsara - This is another instrumental song, it's not like some of their other instrumentals they've done, this is actually a pretty heavy song. I really kinda wish they would have put words to this. Anyway, this will be example #2 of me saying this. 1:15 when the drums and heavy riffing start it sounds like "Everything You Love" off of their S/T album. Maybe I'm crazy but if anyone is curious I'll post links to both.

Samsara: - starts 1:15 in
Everything You Love: - about 1 min in.

Curious if anyone else hears it to or not. I love Everything You Love So It Doesn't really bother me.

If I had to give this album a rating I'd say probably 7/10. The Chimaira I prefer most is their S/T album, sadly that didn't get the promotion that it really deserved. There were a few songs on here that would have sounded more like they should have been on The Infection. I don't forsee them getting any new fans but I think it will keep their fanbase quite satisfied. More than likely I can see this making it on my end of year list.
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