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Diamond Head -- Seattle, WA -- August 15th, 2011

Setlist posted on the stage:

Play It Loud
Nothing to Lose
The Prince
Give it to Me
To the Devil His Due
In the Heat of the Night
To Heaven from Hell
Sucking My Love
It's Electric
Pray for Me
Am I Evil

They played "Call Me" and one other as an encore. Also, there was another song crossed off on the setlist that I was unable to read between Heat of the Night and Heaven from Hell.

It was a good show. Too bad Girlschool and Al Atkins dropped off the tour, but I still had a really good time. The crowd was small but appreciative. The Seattle date was 21+.

For those of you interested in merch: there is a tour shirt for $20, a tour jersey for $25, a signed poster for $10, signed drumsticks, drum heads, picks, etc. No cd's.
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