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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
1. Blood From Zion
2. Frost Hammer
3. Waste of Tiamat
4. Devilution
5. Fire, Flood and Plague
6. Speedwolf
7. Hung Drawn and Quartered
8. Rumors of War
9. The Face of Oblivion
10. Fury Whip
11. Fireface
12. Snakes for the Divine
I saw the following set a few years back in Columbus:

Frost Hammer
How Dark We Pray
Hung, Drawn & Quartered
Rumors of War
The Yeti
Fire, Flood & Plague
Fireface / Cometh Down Hessian
Blood from Zion
Fury Whip (bitches)
Snakes for the Divine

So, it seems like they're basically playing the same stuff they have been for a while now. You got "...Oblivion", which is awesome, and I got the monster which was "Fireface" and "...Hessian" mashed together, which is also fucking gnarly. I didn't get "Speedwolf" that time, but I've seen 'em do it before. They still seem to enjoy closing the set with "Snakes...", which I also remember as being off-the-fucking-chain sweet.

Anyways, glad you had fun. These fuckers are one of the best bands out there, period. To think that they actually have a few haters on this forum - and I'm not naming names, but one of our most famous members is among them - just boggles my fucking mind.
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