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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post

Apparently they did do an encore and they played my favorite song by them, WARTIME!!!...I didn't want to believe it but it was true. There are even videos on youtube from the show with them doing the encores..... I couldn't believe it. I found this out a couple minutes before I started work today. long story short, I left to work in a really shitty fucking mood with a dark cloud over my head. damn I'm a fucking stooge :,(
Oh how I wish they did all of the songs on this list. Songs were cut due to time (a lot of time was burned because Pentagram came on pretty late for some reason and Victor wasted a lot of time standing around and complaining about random crap throughout the show). I know for a fact that Call the Man was not played, and I'm pretty sure Nothing Left and 8 weren't played either. I'm not sure about Vampyre Love, Bobby didn't introduce it like the other songs. I was actually really surprised, between the two big shots in the band, Victor and Bobby, Bobby ended up being the one who was most professional throughout the show. His performance was flawless, he was ready to go after every song, and he would console the crowd during Victor's random breaks. That being said, Victor's guitar playing was still beyond awesome, it was just a shame that he couldn't be bothered to do a soundcheck before the performance unlike the drummer and the bassist, and that he nearly ruined Treat Me Right by complaining about the lights (dude actually stopped playing, walked up to the main vocal mic and yelled "put on the fucking lights") in the middle of the song.

The band went straight from Broken Vows into Relentless without a break, which was pretty awesome. Treat Me Right was botched since Victor complained about the lights in the middle of his solo and the song almost fell apart completely as a result (which sucks since it's one of my favorite Pentagram songs), and Forever My Queen had no guitar until the last minute when Victor fixed whatever cable problem he had. After that it was smooth sailing though. Too Late, Broken Vows, Relentless and All Your Sins rocked the shit out of me. Despite all the mishaps and cut songs, the band still played for a solid 80 minutes, especially since I was expecting only an hour. Oh yeah Sep, I'm pretty sure the encore wasn't planned. The audience started chanting the band name a minute after they left, and Bobby came out and said that they'd do an encore if the organizers would let them, and I guess they got the OK, since they did Ghoul, Wartime and When the Screams Come for the encore.

This is what I think the setlist ended up being, if anyone can correct me, go for it.

1. Treat Me Right
2. Forever My Queen
3. Review Your Choices
4. Sign of the Wolf
5. Evil Seed
6. Too Late
7. All Your Sins
8. Broken Vows
9. Relentless
10. Nothing Left/Relentless
11. Ghoul
12. Wartime
13. When the Screams Come

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