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Killswitch Engage - As Daylight Dies

Well what can be said about this album? I think it's one of the best ones KSE has released, at least in the Howard Jones era. A lot of my favorite songs are on this album, and those that aren't my favorite are still pretty solid. There are some good riffs on here, and most of the songs are damn catchy. The fact is that this is a good combination of the melody that has made Killswitch famous nowadays, and there's still the metalcore aspect in the majority of this album. The breakdowns for the most part aren't the typical standalone breakdowns, and there's usually something else going on that keeps it from being stereotypical. The vocals are good, I don't know if they're Howard's best or worse, as I think he does a good job on each album he's worked on, but he keeps the ratio of screams to growls to clean vocals pretty well and I don't think he overuses any of them here (except on Arms of Sorrow, which is all clean until the very end). The drums can be pretty standard and simple at times, not really much special, but hey, it works. The only thing is that the bass is a bit inaudible (or at least it's hard to make out) at times. You can feel that it's there, you can tell, but you can't focus on it as much as you could say the guitars or drums.

This was the first Killswitch album that I listened to in it's entirety, and I'm glad. This is a very solid release from the band and is probably a staple in their later discography.

Favorite Tracks:
Daylight Dies, This is Absolution, For You, Desperate Times, Reject Yourself

Not related, but I apologize for these reviews/summaries, I feel like so much of it is vague that it's not really saying much.

5/20: Rotten Sound
6/10: Torche

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