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"ALRIGHTY THEN" - Ace ventura pet detective

I started work at 9am and was to end around 6ish but my boss let me off around 4:15pm(it took a good amount of begging but it worked)!! W00t w00t doesn't change the fact that I missed a good portion of the show : /

I dashed back home to take the shower power, change out of my work attire and dash it like speedy gonzalez to the Echo/echoplex. It was smooth sailing up untill I got to the fucking 101

I finally arrived to the echoplex around 6:30ish and went on my journey to finD free parking. Luckily I parked in a nice little neighborhood which was about 1 minute away from the venue. at this point it was about 6:50ish. I called the one they call....The Vegantopher AKA Chris. And whadda ya know? My phone is now on zero batterys and is going to die any second now. Bad enough I missed out on half the show but it sucked that I wasn't going to be able to meet chris(especially because we have both been to many of the same shows. Scion rock fest, The Big Four, Rage/Muse, Napalm Death, ect). As a last minute chance I called his phone. Sadly, no answer and about 2 seconds later my phones power dies out. So that's when I threw the celly in the car and Booked it to the echoplex.

As soon as I get inside the venue. About 2 and half minutes later PELICAN gets on stage and start setting their shit up. They open up the show with THE CREEPER and that's when all the fun begins.. Long story short they fucking blew my mind away. You could say I was getting some sort of "high" from their set(even though I was sober as a duck at this show). I was also the only person jumping up and down, headbanging and going nuts through out their incredibly short yet amazing set. Some people were looking at me in way like I shouldn't be behaving like the way I was, but fuck it, I came to go all out and have a great fucking time, and Pelican Really delivered. The son of the bitch next to me go there setlist. They only played about 6-7 songs unfortunately. ahahahhaha when they finished I kept screaming "MORE!!! ENCORE!!! PLAY ANOTHER 30 SONGS!!!"

I did manage to snatch a cold ice water bottle on the edge of their stage fo FREE, SUCKAS

After pelican finished. I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to possibly find the one they call....The Vegantopher. I remmeber his pic with the AC singer so I asked a couple of people that might have looked like him, but to no avail :/

I even booked it to black breaths set to find him, but still no, results. And that's when I gave up and went downstairs to check out Winter. I've never really listened to their music and hearing them at PotR was my first listen, they were pretty awesome. It just sucked I wasn't familiar with the group or I would have definitely been vibin' out like the way I usually do with all the bands I love

As soon as winter ended I went straight into the very front center rail to claim my spot for eyehategod. I saw andrew metal head there and said whats up but i kinda got a wierd awkard vibe from him for some reason, i donno, Anyways, God damn...EYEHATEGOD.. they were fucking amazing. Best band in my opinon out the 4-5 bands that I got to see. They were heavy, loud, and COOL as fuck, and I DO MEAN COOL. I love how all the members were all smoking a cigarette while setting up and playing their set. I WAS RIGHT NEXT TO MIKE During the first couple of songs!!! And the singer was drunk as fuck, sluring through out most of his speeches. He was getting pissed during the beginning of the their set for some reason? Something about the lights or someshit? A great moment from the show for me:



Anyways. BACK TO THE BAND. As soon as they started, the Crowed went insane. I got alot of beer and liquor spilled in my hair but I didn't give fuck, I was going ballistics during all of EHG's set. They really brought their old albums to life, especially songs like "Sisterfucker"

After about 4 songs in, the front was getting too intense for me and I had absolutely no room to go crazy and jump around like I usually do for my favorite bands, so I said "FUCK IT" and went into the back left side of the venue where the amps are, near the emergency exit. It was pretty empty so it gave me the chance to go crazy for the rest of their set and BOY DID I. I hate to sound like a lil' kidoe but I was having so much fun for the rest of EHGs set. Way more then when I was in the very front next to mike for the first couple songs, but too many people were pissing me off and this stupid brawd behind me wouldnt stop elbowing me and pinching. Bitch just couldn't hang with the wu tang slang.

Anways. as veg' said, their set got cut off. Kind of a bummer. It was really weird. Everything stopped and then they went into a stupid little beastie boys hip hop tribute???? Pretty underwhelming way to end the set especially when they were kicking so much fucking ass.

@ Vegantopher. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but EHG did not play "Depress". I really wish they did but they didn't. I kept screaming "Depress" through out their set but they never played it. I wish they did. You should edit one of those question marks and add Masters of Legalized Confusion because they did play that aswell. If I recall..they played Masters of Legalized Confusion after New Orleans is the new vietnam. Mike even said the the title of the song before going into it.

After EHG finished I went outside for a break before MAWTHA FUCKING PENTAAAGRAAAAM starts, W00T W00T! LONG STORY SHORT, THEY WERE LOUD, HEAVY AS FUCK, AND KICKED MAJOR BALLZZ!!!!! Best band next to EHG. Infact I would say it was almost a tie. They were so fucking epic and heavy. Goddamn I hope Pentagram comes back. I didnt think i would have the energy but I did. If anything..I WAS EVEN MORE INTENSE AND GOING APESHIT DURING PENTAGRAMS set

Now here is the epicfail :/

Right after they finish what I would think to be their last song.. I book it out of the echoplex and dash to my car to go back to irvine as I had a good hour drive ahead of me. The band said their goodnights, we love you and all that bullshit so I figure this would be the perfect time for me to book it.

Not the case :/

Heres the setlist from last nights show

GODAMMIT!!! GODDAMMIT. SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found out about this today...

Apparently they did do an encore and they played my favorite song by them, WARTIME!!!...I didn't want to believe it but it was true. There are even videos on youtube from the show with them doing the encores..... I couldn't believe it. I found this out a couple minutes before I started work today. long story short, I left to work in a really shitty fucking mood with a dark cloud over my head. damn I'm a fucking stooge :,(

OVERALL: GREAT FUCKING SHOW. Had a fucking blast. Baught a couple of shirts including an EHG shirt. Good times all in the good name of metal..Metall...METAL....

Originally Posted by vegantopher View Post
Overall, it was a great day! I can't wait for next years POTR and hopefully meeting Sep one day soon
One day sunny boy, one day.

Jackass in the Will of God
30$ Bag
White Nigger
Left to Starve
Dixie Whiskey
Sister Fucker
NOLA is the New Vietnam
Masters of Legalized Confusion
Peace Through War
8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer

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