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Originally Posted by AnataFan4Life View Post
[center]20. Dying Fetus - Destroy the Opposition
FUCK YEAH!!! As someone else mentioned, I'm always a bit hesitant to call DF tech death, but they definately do have aspects of it. And like you mentioned, they really a mix of so many death metal (and hardcore) subgenres. The opening of 'Praise The Lord...' is one of my favorite openers of all time!

Your post made me have to blast this album, which I have been for about a half hour. Pissing In The Mainstream is so GREAT. I agree with the lyrics so much, they're so true.

"I don't give a fuck about the TV ratings game,
The Real World's not a party, just a place for the insane.
If that reflects reality, then pass another drink
You try to be a millionaire, I'll vomit in the sink"

I hope you're well. Go to hell.

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