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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
>You didn't like Trap Them live
>You didn't like Pelican


Good review though, as always. I need to see APMD live someday. An APMD/Trap Them/Masakari tour would be fucking incredible.
I enjoy Darker Handcraft, but I somehow get bored easily when I see TT. I saw TT in 2009 with Toxic Holocaust/BDM/Skeletonwitch and I thought they were very awesome at that show. Then I saw them last summer and got bored. I know I should give them another chance at some point, but I was really hungry and that was the only big enough gap to go grab some food haha.

I don't like instrumental bands. I could never get into Pelican for that reason. I need to have vocals to enjoy a band. I don't mind when a band like Metallica will have instrumental songs, or a band like Corrupted will have drawn out riffs with vocals every 10 or 15 minutes.

Oh I saw Andrew Metalhead there, he was taking pictures of Winter. I wonder where he's been lately.
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