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Talking Summer Slaughter -- Philadelphia, PA -- August 13th, 2011

Sup guys, first show review here, so here goes. I'm not going to bother with the actual set lists, because they've been said in other reviews. Apologies in advance for any spelling/grammar errors.

Concert - Summer Slaughter 2011
Date - August 13th, 2011
Venue - Theater of Living Arts (TLA)
City - Philadelphia, PA

Within the Ruins
I thought they started off the show very well. I'm not the biggest fan of metalcore/deathcore but I wasn't offended by these guys, and was actually sorta enjoying them. Crowd reaction was kinda meh, unfortunately, but the first circle pit of the night was formed during their set. Only other complaint I have with them was I thought the lead vocalist's mic sounded very muffled, and in between songs I found it sorta hard to understand what he was saying.

Fleshgod Apocalypse
...didn't play. The singer for WtR said why, but I couldn't really understand him. I later found out they had some bus problems and were unable to travel. Sucks, I really wanted to see them

As Blood Runs Black
Wasn't really into these guys. I found all the songs to sound same-ish and formulaic. Crowd was ok for these guys. A relatively successful wall of death was formed, which was the highlight of their set in my opinion. This was when the hardcore dancers started coming out in full force...ugh. On the upside, I did enjoy the melodic elements they had in most of their songs, and the singer seemed like a pretty nice guy.

is how i felt about this band. All the songs sounded the exact same- fast picking, dissonance, and an overabundance of breakdowns. Singer sucked, though wasn't as much of a douche as I've seen in other reviews. I was happy they only had a short set. The only thing I liked about them was the banner behind them - it depicted the band logo underneath some melting/zombie-ish dude pursued by men with gas masks and biological contamination suits on. Crowd was about the same as ABRB...again, way too many hardcore dancers. I got out of the pit almost as soon as these guys got on.

Finally, a band I was looking forward to. Set was energetic, upbeat, and all around just fun. They had a great sense of humor about things, which I enjoyed immensely (starburst, plastic weapons, FUCK THAT BIRD, etc.). PG was the first band to really get the crowd going. Moshing was constant and there was much less hardcore dancing going on. I'm pretty sure every one under 20 was singing along during the Pokemon theme. No big problems here.

Dying Fetus
Besides TBDM, this was the reason I went. They played all great songs, and they played them very well. I found everything to be spot on. I found the pit to be kinda "slow" for the most part, but that might've just been me. During "Your Treachery..." and "Kill Your Mother..." (these were the last 2 songs) EVERYONE went nuts.

Six Feet Under
I wasn't expecting much from these guys. I had heard Barnes was a horrible vocalist, and the music was generic, boring death metal. I checked out a couple of their songs before the show was really not impressed. But wow. I don't know what happened, or how it happened, but SFU absolutely SLAYED. From start to finish, everyone was freaking the hell out. Giant pits opened up, and it was a constant flow of crowd surfers. Both CC covers were pretty good, especially Hammer Smashed Face. Only complaint I have is Barnes's highs, which were unbearable, and I liken them to a preteen girl simultaneously seeing Justin Bieber for the first time and being disemboweled. However, I didn't find his lows to be all that bad.

Darkest Hour
Meh. I had heard of these guys before, and I really didn't like their music. I don't even consider some of their songs to be metal at all, but I digress. My friends and I left our spot near the left of the pit about 5-6 rows back and sat down in the back of the venue near the merch tables where we were unable to see the stage. None of us stood up, but judging from what we heard, not many people were digging these guys. But hey, I could be wrong. I admit they played a tight set, but I wasn't really into the music.

Despite my distaste in deathcore, I was looking forward to Whitechapel's set. I had seen them before in Camden at Mayhem 2009, and while I didn't really like the music, they had played great and had gotten an amazing crowd reaction. Also, I'd be lying if I said I didn't have one or two of their songs on my iPod. They played just as well at Summer Slaughter. The crowd reaction was pretty good, and it was evident they had a ton of fans at the show. As with every show they do, there was the requisite wall of death, which went off without a cinch and had a pretty large amount of participants. Besides the abundance of breakdowns, I only had one other complaint- they took a ridiculous amount of time to set up. Every other band took maybe 10-15 minutes tops, but WC took at least 30 minutes. I understand they were headlining, but I still thought it was ridiculous.

The Black Dahlia Murder
Sorry WC, these guys are the real headliners. I admit, I'm a huge TBDM fanboy, and this is the second time I've seen them live. They were tight as hell, and played a ton of fan favorites. Trevor really knows how to work a crowd, and the whole band just seems like a bunch of awesome guys. The pits were pretty sick (especially a circle pit they stretched from the first row to the floor slant and hit both walls on the sides...if you've ever been to the TLA you'll know how relatively large this is) and everyone was singing along. I was pretty excited that I crowd surfed for the first time too ! I was pissed my ride had to leave with about 5 songs left in their set, but oh well, next time!

Hope you guys enjoyed the review! As I said, this is my first one. For anyone that went, I was the kid with the blue bag, cannibal corpse shirt, and red converse high tops.
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