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Power of the Riff -- Echo Park, CA -- August 13th, 2011

This is my second attempt at writing this review. The show was at the Echoplex/Echo in Echo Park. I really enjoyed last year's festival, so when I found out about this year, I wasn't as excited. The fact that we had to pay this year made me not want to go. It was a free festival last year. When they anounced Eyehategod was on the bill, I said fuck it and bought a ticket.

The doors opened up at 12pm and the first band went on at 12:30. The first band was Plagues. I really wanted to see them, but I was too busy sleeping, so I missed their set. I don't like festivals because I get tired of being at a show when I'm there for more than four or five hours. I arrived at the show at 3:45 to see that Acephalix was on. I watched their set for a few songs and really dug it. I went and bought a POTR shirt for $10 and threw it in my car so I wouldn't have to hold it all night. I got back to the Echo at 4:30 so I could see Baptists, but wasn't back in time to see their set. I was only able to see one song, but that song was so awesome!

At this point, it was a little after 4:30 and I decided it was time to open my tab for the night at the bar downstairs. When I went downstairs, I noticed that Black Cobra was on. I quickly grabbed a drink and went over to watch them. They sounded awesome for only having two people in the band. I don't know their music, so I lost my interest after 15 minutes. I went outside for a quick smoke break before the next set of bands went on. All Pigs Must Die went on at 5:15 and were great! There wasn't a lot of crowd movement, but the band was spot on. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing these guys again. They were suppose to play a 45 minutes set, but ended up only playing for 25 minutes.

As soon as they ended, I went upstairs to see Masakari start their set. Holy shit! Masakari was awesome live. They are a crust band from somewhere in the midwest. At this point, I wasn't sure if I was buzzed or what, but the vocals were just so powerful. I have always been big on how the sound. It felt as if the screams were dominating the rest of the bands sound and I just felt consumed by it. I can't really explain it to well, it was just epic.

Trap Them was up next downstairs, so everyone walked from one room to the next to see TT. I am not to big on Trap Them, and they disappointed me last year when I saw them. I watched on song and was bored, so I decided it was a good chance to grab some food. I got back before Trap Them ended and was still bored by their set, so I went upstairs to find out that Alpinists were already on. They're a fast crust band from Germany. I think they were the only band that was from another country. They are definitely a band that people on here need to check out and support so that they can come back for another US tour one day. Pelican was playing downstairs, so I went outside for a smoke break cause I don't like Pelican. I looked at my phone and noticed Sep hit me up a minute before, so I called to meet up but his phone was already dead I was just waiting for Black Breath to go on upstairs then. I watched half of BB's set for some reason. I think all that rum I was drinking finally got to me I just wondered away to maybe find Sep, but I had no luck. I went back to see a little more of BB. I recognized a lot of songs, but only knew they played Black Sin.

At this point it was 8:15 and Winter was setting up downstairs. I decided to have just one last drink and close my tab out before I was crawling on the floor. I found my friend and went up front to get a good spot right in front of John Alman. I noticed people were kind of dead for the fact that Winter was about to play in a few minutes. I screamed out Winter and John looked up and smiled in appreciation, then a few more people around me chimed in. Winter went on ten minutes late, but I didn't care. The second they began Oppression Freedom, everyone was head banging like there was no tomorrow. They went right into Servants of the Warsmen right after and I was surprised on how many people were singing along. I know that was their biggest song, but it was cool that there was an actual following showing its love for Winter at that moment. I was very happy when they played Destiny. That is currently my favorite song by them. I soon realized that they were playing Into Darkness in its entirety from start to finish as their set That is probably the coolest thing a band like them could do. They played no new songs nor so lame cover. It was the perfect set.

Oppression Freedom
Servants of the Warsmen
Power and Might
Eternal Frost
Into Darkness

Eyehategod was up next and I knew shit was about to go down! I was directly in front of Jimmy for most of the set. A lot of people around me were yelling Bower Power over and over while he was setting up. Mike was drunk as usual. I went to the bar an hour or so early and Mike was trying to get a some vodka and the bartender wouldn't let him drink more cause he was too drunk How dare she refuse him alcohol. EHG went on 15 minutes late and weren't able to play a full hour because the sound guy cut them. They got pissed off because they were ready to go on at the right time, the sound guy just delayed it for some reason. They sounded so great last night. I'll never get over how awesome Mike's vocals sound. For some reason they put an echo effect on his vocals, so it sounded kind of weird, but I dug it for the most part. They played a new song called NOLA is the New Vietnam. I dug the shit out of that song. I can't wait to hear a new album from them because they definitely still have it in them. I knew all the songs they played, there were just three that I couldn't remember the names of at the time.

Jackass in the Will of God
30$ Bag
White Nigger
Left to Starve
Dixie Whiskey
Sister Fucker
NOLA is the New Vietnam
Masters of Legalized Confusion
Serving Time in the Middle of Nowhere
My Name is God
Peace Through War

At this point I went home. I really didn't care about Pentagram enough to see them. My friend needed to get home cause he had to be up early this morning. I was already tired from being at the show for seven hours, so leaving sounded great. As I walked out, we ran into some guy who was pissed off cause he came only to see EHG and was kicked out 15 minutes into their set. He said that some drunk girl behind him kept punching him in the back for a few minutes, so he get annoyed and pushed her away from him. Security grabbed him and threw him out because they thought he was trying to attack the girl. I thought that was kind of a bullshit thing for security to do.

Overall, it was a great day! I can't wait for next years POTR and hopefully meeting Sep one day soon
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