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Korn - Korn

This was the second Korn album I got, I think. It's fair to say that this album spawned the entire nu metal genre as a whole. The nu metal sound that we all know was created here. As there was nothing like this ever recorded before, this was quite unique, and, thusly, somewhat difficult to describe. Basically, I'd call this album "edgy." At times, it's just TOO much to listen to. Jonathan Davis switches between his gay yelling/screaming and gay spoken-word singing about his daddy issues and somewhat cool rapping/skatting. Combined with the extremely downtuned guitars and funky bass, Korn produces an... uncomfortable atmosphere on their self-titled debut album. That's the only way I can put it, honestly. Jonathan Davis is an ANGRY motherfucker on here, and probably their only album in which he's being authentic.

Also, if you listen to deathcore, you can probably hear some of the genre in here. Just sayin.'

Recommended tracks:
Shoots and Ladders


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