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20. Dying Fetus - Destroy the Opposition

Starting off the list, we have this monster of an album. Along with Necrophagist, they are one of the first bands to really get me into this genre (before then, I only knew a few bands like Death and Atheist). For me, and most people, this is where Dying Fetus hit their peak.

One reason that this album is so awesome is that it houses a variety of influences. While mostly being a brutal tech-death album, there are influences from quite a few other genres, ranging from chaotic grindcore passages, New York style hardcore influenced grooves and breakdowns, and hell, there's even some rap influence thrown in there! Don't let that scare you though, as it's only in the vocals. Another reason why this album made the list is the way the songs are written. One minute you have John shredding out some mind-bending riffs and leads with Kevin Talley destroying his drum kit, then all of a sudden, the band changes gears and beats you over the head with a dumb, catchy mosh-groove riff, or crushes you with a massive breakdown. Its the bands ability to have technicality coexist with simplicity that makes this such an interesting and fun record.


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