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Originally Posted by hellawaits77ny View Post
Those cheesy-ass lyrics are so stupid. These guys have terrible lyrics.

Sorry to be a hater, I just can't dig Suicide Silence.
It's fine man. I can totally see why people hate this band.

Originally Posted by llama lom View Post
Solid pick. I think Mitch's vocals are the best on this record. I haven't given this one a listen since it came out I think, so I'll probably do that soon. I'm liking the list so far though!
Definitely! The Black Crown was so mediocre, especially vocally. They already hit their prime. Mitch's vocals are definitely the strongest here; I would recommend going back to it just for that.

And wow! You actually like it so far?! Thanks! I feel that from here on out I'll get less hate for my choices. Those 4 so far are somewhat controversial and divisive within the metal community.
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