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Nashville Pussy -- Springfield, MO -- August 12th, 2011

This very well might have been one of the most fun shows that I have been to in quite awhile. The Outland Ballroom is quite the tiny place. Capacity of 325, no possible way that place holds that many people. There was probably in the neighborhood of 100 people there probably not much more but still quite the fun rowdy crowd. Opening band was what I think is some sort of local band called Filthy Thirds. Great name, got there with only a song or 2 left. Meh.

I looked up The Dwarves on Wikipedia, not a huge hardcore/punk person I knew nothing of them. Son of a bitch was I blown away. I'm far from qualified to talk about old school punk/hardcore person. I was blown away by seeing The Casualties twice and after seeing The Dwarves I even enjoyed them more than The Casualties. No idea on a setlist, this was a first but their setlist was on a small sheet of paper taped to back of the guitars. With songs where none of them were longer than 3 mins it looked like they had about 15-20 songs that they played. Blag Dahlia kept calling himself the Country Music Pimp (Springfield isn't far from Branson) & David Allen Blow. After last song Blag jumped into the crowd which was pretty brave w/ a dude who looks like he's 6'4 or 6'5 into not a very big crowd but he was still passed quite a good distance for such a small crowd. This is highly recommended for anyone who would get a chance to see them. I just hope I get the chance to see them again sometime.

Excited to finally see Nashville Pussy. Only other chance to see them was on the Motorhead/Rev Horton Heat show that was in KC a couple years ago and got there too late. They were everything that I thought they would be. I was only familiar w/ a handful of songs but they were a hell of a lot of fun. Only thing that would have made it perfect is if they played "Gonna Hitchike Down To Cincinnati And Kick The Shit Outta Your Drunk Daddy" (which I will put up against anything as the greatest song title ever) but still they were great. I was right in front of Ruyter and holy shit can she shred. An awesome stage prescence too, while playing she put her left boot on the shoulder of the guy standing to my left and during Piece Of Ass she turned around and bounced that same dude's head right off her ass and she played around w/ the dude to my right as well and I managed to get shut out...story of my life. Just a fun show from beginning to end. Ruyter ended the show by playing on her back and pulling all the strings out of her guitar. Amazing show for $15. Did manage to grab the setlist and got amazing pictures as well.

Say Something Nasty
From Hell to Texas
Piece Of Ass
Come On Come On
Speed Machine
Ain't Your Business
Hate and Whiskey
I'm So High
High As Hell
Drunk Driving Man
Struttin' Cock
Shoot First And Run Like Hell
Rock And Roll Outlaw - Rose Tattoo Cover
Snake Eyes
Why Why Why
Go Motherfucker Go
You're Goin' Down

Link to Pics:

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