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Originally Posted by Butcher of Birth View Post
Yeah but just Chris and Shawn due to Dave having a shoulder injury. He is in visible pain which is kinda messed up... But he says "My shoulder is my broken, my hear isn't, I do this for you." I assume David was with Dave just being the best friend he always was.

And I know Machine Head did Halo, since I heard it from Mainstage. I just made sure I was rail for Megadeth so I had to leave early from second stage.

Machine Head did a signing at 2:30, and sadly I didn't make it to the line, but was able to catch Phil before he jumped in the golf cart.
Ah well I'll be there all day. Kinda disappoint in the shortened megadeth set, but better than them dropping off! I don't think I'll do the megadeth signing without Dave though.
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