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Megadeth -- Tampa, FL -- August 13th, 2011

1. Hanger 18
2. Sweating Bullets
3. Public Enemy Number One
4. Headcrusher
5. Symphony of Destruction
6. Peace Sells... But Who's Buying.

WOW! For a short set it was extremely amazing! The band was on fire! Sadly... and I hate to sound like a dick, but this bothered me... David, Dave, and Shawn threw things to me (I know this because they pointed me out all show and I was honestly the only one near me who looked to give a shit) and each time I went to grab the pick or stick it would bounce off me and onto the floor in front of the rail (I'm on rail). Now this wasn't a case of butterfingers, it was a case of EVERYONE wants free shit from a band they KNOW people like. So I would get pushed around and what not, not a big deal, but when I would motion to the security guard to hand it to me, he would begin to give it but then hand it to the girl behind me claiming, "Dude, she has a kid, let him have it." Everyone around me would argue with him saying "Come on, the guy got it 1st, he is going crazy for this band," but no. Ladies and children 1st, and 2nd... 3rd...

Now I can understand doing this once, MAYBE twice... But every time? Come on... Kid or no kid, that's fucked up.

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