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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
In Chicago Winds Of Plague sound was fine but ADTR was lacking in sound. They kept changing the volume of his mic.

I wish Paramore would have been at the Chicago date though and I agree on TDWP being great live and how he can scream without even trying.

Also I do think The Acacia Strain is mediocre live and I skipped them on Warped to relax and eat and also I refuse to go by them because their fans are the biggest assholes. When I seen them open for Whitechapel all they did was punch when moshing. Going out of their way to hurt people. Also i guess in chicago when they were playing there were tons of fights and the fans beat the shit out of someone so bad he was taken away on by a ambulance.
You were at the Welcome to Hell tour in Chicago earlier this year? Good stuff! It was pretty crazy violent for Acacia. Fun, though.

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