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Yep, yep, it's Suicide Silence again. And most people like The Cleansing more. But hear me out.

The bottom line with this album is that if you didn't enjoy the good parts of The Cleansing, you probably won't like this one. But if you did, then there's no reason you shouldn't love this one. Suicide Silence produced this one with Machine (of Ashes of the Wake/Sacrament fame from Lamb of God). On Ashes of the Wake, Machine took one of my favorite bands, and one of my favorite albums (As the Palaces Burn), and managed to harness all the energy and creative output the band had to create an even better record. It's no different here.

What's mainly improved is the songwriting of the band. They shortened and simplified the songs even more, creating solid 2-3 minute bursts of energy. The breakdowns aren't over complex, the choruses don't go on forever, and above all, they're more catchy. It's that punk mentality that I love here. Machine also managed to literally mix the songs louder than any other band I know. When I play it on my iPod, it sounds like I have the volume two clicks above where I actually have it. And for Suicide Silence, that's perfect. The production isn't clean, either, which is key. They kept that muddy, distorted-as-fuck guitar tone, and just create some of the heaviest breakdowns and riffs in deathcore because of it. Mitch's screaming is also kicked up a notch: his highs are twice as shriek-ish, and his lows are twice as angry.

Overall, the Cleansing was great, and had potential to improve. The band capitalized on that potential, and put out one of my favorite deathcore records to date. There was a long time where I hated the Cleansing and only liked this record, since it was so much more cohesive. I remember hearing "Wake Up" debuted on Sirius Radio for the first time ever way before the album came out, and thinking to myself, "holy shit is this the same band?" Production-wise, vocally, musically, and riff-wise, this record kills the Cleansing in almost every way.

Another great feat from this album is that there's not a singe song I dislike on it. They're all solid, grab-you-by-the-balls-and-make-you-wanna-do-an-extra-rep tunes. Lyrically, they embraced either the "do copious amounts of drugs" or "fuck all religion" standpoints, which I kind of have a sucker for as opposed to the standard "demons and hell" or "violence and war" themes. Standouts for me are, "Smoke", "Genocide", and "Something Invisible". From, "BUUUURRRN IT DOOOOOOOWN", to, "WEEE'VE BEEN FUCKING THIS WHORE MOTHER EARTH FOR A WHILE", to, "IT'S ALL BECAUSE YOU'RE STILL BELIEVING IN SOMETHING FUCKING INVISIBLE", this album is chalk-full of those cheesy, awesome deathcore anthemic versus that just get caught in my head all day. I don't know if anyone else feels that way, but when I listen to this genre, I want some mindless shit to scream along to, and SS definitely creates that. None of the songs over-use them, though, a fact which they messed up on on their new album. (Re: "Fuck Everthing" )

From its turbid simplicity, to the crass beauty of the production, to the catchy songwriting and lyrics, this album, in my mind, definitely deserves a spot here.

Notable Tracks:
Something Invisible

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