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Originally Posted by daimonos View Post
#2. OZZY OSBOURNE - Ozzmosis


1. Perry Mason
2. I Just Want You
3. Ghost Behind My Eyes
4. Thunder Underground
5. See You on the Other Side
6. Tomorrow
7. Denial
8. My Little Man
9. My Jekyll Doesn't Hide
10. Old L.A. Tonight
Bonus Tracks:
11. The Whole World's Fallin' Down
12. Aimee

This definitely isn't a favorite to many people, but this is a very special album to me. I generally consider this to be the first album I bought, and it changed my life. For whatever reason, I wanted an Ozzy CD, because I had heard songs such as "NIB", "Crazy Train", "Mama, I'm Coming Home", and "Iron Man". I got this in a Walmart, at the age of nine. After I bought this and listened to it, my hunger for Ozzy, Sabbath, and HEAVY FUCKING METAL grew over several years. My life is almost completely dedicated to music, and Ozzy Osbourne is to blame for that. To this day, I still have a huge soft spot for all of his music. Hell, I even love Scream.

On to the music. The album really isn't bad, or at least not nearly as bad as anybody makes it out to be. This was Ozzy's first album after coming out of 'retirement' in the early 90's, and his goal was to make a more focused, mature album, as at this point he was a half dead old man in his 40's. He didn't want to be the fang wearing, bat killing madman that he'd been portrayed as for the last 15 years anymore. I think he achieved his goal. The songs aren't as 'metal' as they had been in the past, and the lyrics seem to me about more personal matters than before. The album starts off with rocker "Perry Mason", before switching into the lighter territory with "I Just Want You". Although it's a 'softer' song, it's still heavy as anything he's done. That's another thing. This is Ozzy's heaviest album, save the ballads. Songs like "Thunder Underground", "Tomorrow", and "My Jekyll Doesn't Hide" feature some of the crunchiest guitars Ozzy's ever had on an album. But at the same time this is also the softest album Ozzy's done. The album features many 'ballad' like songs, that aren't very heavy. Songs like "See You on the Other Side", which I consider to be one of Ozzy's finest moments, "My Little Man", which is a little bit cheesy, and closer "Old LA Tonight", which is also a fantastic song. I've known the bonus tracks as part of the album my whole life, so I'll include them. "Whole World's Fallin Down" is just a straight forward Ozzy rocker, with some pretty catchy parts, and "Aimee" is a ballad dedicated to the singer's daughter. Pretty good tracks.

If you like Ozzy but you don't really like this album, I guess I understand. But if some of you guys have never really heard it, I recommend checking it out. While it not might be my favorite Ozzy album, it definitely is the closest to my heart ()

I Just Want You
See You on the Other Side
My Jeykll Doesn't Hide
This is a great album. I listened to this album constantly for six months or so after I first got it 6.5 years ago. I haven't listened to it in a long time, but I'll always have a soft spot for this album.
1/27 - Sleep
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