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Signed Things:
Mastodon (poster)
The Black Dahlia Murder, Byron Davis From God Forbid (Mayhem Fest 09 ticket)
All Of Scale The Summit except for the drummer (Between The Buried and Me ticket)
3 Inches Of Blood, Winds Of Plague (Mayhem Fest 2010 program)
Devin Townsend (Children Of Bodom ticket)
Red Fang (Mayhem Fest 2011 program)

I have never got a pick, drumstick, or setlist. I have come so fucking close so many times to catching picks or drumsticks it just hasn't worked out ( During Unearth's set at Mayhem I thought I was going to catch Ken Susi's pick then this kid came out of nowhere and got it. When I saw In Flames headline two years ago a pick was coming at me, I lost it in the lights, then it landed it behinded and some chick grabbed it right when I found it.)
12/11 ETID/TGI
12/21 TRC/DI
12/27 Four Year Strong
1/25 August Burns Red
1/31 Machine Head
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