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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
Don't got much, honestly:

-Setlist from Unearth
-Pick from The Sword
-Converge/Trap Them show poster
-Suicide Silence tour poster
-Fang Island tour poster
-Drumstick from Mastodon

And Jesus fucking Christ, ape, I'm jeleous of your collection. You have connections at venues, or just very lucky?
I've been to well over 200 shows at this point. And usually am in the pit or on the barrier by the end of the show. Over time i have somewhat learned tendencies and what to watch for. Usually if you make eye contact with a guitarist at the end of a song you can get them to throw a pick to you. That's what I did when I caught twiggy's pick. He made a perfect throw from about 15 feet away too. And I've turned catching picks out of the air into an artform. Some have been lucky like the slipknot one. Bounced off a couple people and landed at my feet. Some have been how the fuck did that happen. Such as the underoath drumstick. I was talking to the person next to me and motioned with my hands something to the person hands out palms towards the sky and the stick landed perfectly in my hand.
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