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-Gwar War Party early 2005 tour
-Gwar 20th Anniversary fall 2005 tour
-Alice in Chains 2006 club tour
-Cannibal Corpse 2006 Kill tour
-Ministry 2006 MasturbaTour

-6 Gwar picks; 2 complete sets from 2 shows
-Dave Mustaine pick from 2007 Megadeth Tour of Duty
-Joey Belladonna pick from solo gig last year
-Ralph Santolla pick from Deicide To Hell With God tour this year

-One of Jizmak's sticks from the 2006 Beyond Hell tour..... beaten to hell and still soaked with blood
10/17 - Nunslaughter
10/18 - Anvil
10/19 - THE KING
10/20 - Iron Reagan
10/23 - Dead Congregation
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